Yaakov Shwekey – I AM ALIVE

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Yaakov Shwekey – I AM ALIVE

Eyes pop, mind’s already racing
New day, what will I be facing?
Where is my ride? My coffee’s cold again!

Wake up, kids, the bus is coming
Miles of homework, tell me, where you’re running?
Pressure’s rising fast and here we go again

But, when your day is going backwards
And it swallows you
Open up your eyes,
The good is right in front of you

It’s been 340 days
Thanking you ten million ways
Breathing, singing, standing strong
Skies are blue
What could be wrong?

Moonlight… the stars are all around me
Was dark, but now the light has found me
The world is turning every day for me

I know each moment is a treasure
Thanking you for every stone and feather
What are you grateful for today, my friend?

And when your day is going right
Just say a simple prayer
Thanking you for the little things that,
That help to get you there

We all want to live forever
But we all seem to forget
We haven’t lived the days
The weeks, the months, the years
I had yet, we need to stand here
On the green grass,
Need to feel the Sunshine now.
Need to see what’s right
Before us , today is all
We have for now


Music Credits:
Song composed by Yitzy Waldner
Lyrics by Sophia Franco
Music Producer & Arranger by Ravid Kashti
Produced by Yaakov Shwekey and Yitzy Waldner
Vocals Recorded @STUDIO6 Lakewood NJ

Piano: Rafi Greidi
Guitars: Shimon Yihye
Bass Guitar: Avi Ifrah
Keyboards & Programming: Ravid Kashti
Mix: Daniel Kapler


Video Credits:
Production company: OlamMedia
Director: Aharon Orian
Producer: Chana Orian
Cinematographer: David Orian

Producer – NY: Daniel Finkelman – Sparks Next
Line Producer – NY: Chaya Greenberg
Line Producer NJ – Shani Gross
Associate Producer / Location Manager: Adam Bach

Make up artist: Marie Cruz
Production Assistant: Yissachar Dror
1st AC: Mark Theriault

Studio – Israel: SunVideo – Guy Broza
Make up artist israel: Avichai Maman
NYC Additional shot:
Lael Utnik, Thomas Pocksteiner, Peter Jablonowski
Additional DP’s – Event:
Shlomo Chaim Rivkin, Yanki Taitelbaum
Equipment: TCS, Rushes
Post: OlamMedia JLM
Editors: Aharon and David Orian


Starring: Boruch Nojowitz
Yissocher Dror – Boruch’s manager
Tiffany Franco – sign language
Tzvi Kassover – Boruch’s helper
Boruch’s classmates – Uriya Sabah, Phillip Mayer, Jazmine Duran, Tiffany France, Martin Chacana – for pushing me to make this the best video possible!
Richard Huang – was also pushing me to be the best actor possible and my best friend
Eliyahu Mordechai Nojowitz – Boruch’s Brother
Aron Yehuda Nojowitz – Boruch’s Brother
Yael Nojowitz – Boruch’s Sister


Times Square Show:
Shwekey Producer: Sharon Daniel Pro
Keyboard: Rafi Greidi
Sound Engineer: Moshik Tzabary
Multimedia: Izeek Daniel

Special Thanks:
C-Teen Organization
Rabbi Shimon and Leha Rivkin
Rabbi Mendy Kulski
Rabbi Shlomo Farhi
Safra Community Center Manhattan
David Hillel
Chezi Rosenboum
Shai Sendik

Public Relations: MediaPro
Email: PR@MediaPro.co.il


Prohibited to download / copy / duplicate
Please do not play on Shabbat or Jewish holidays

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