Witches Broom (or parachute), Step by Step, with string

Step by step instructions for how to do Witch’s Broom string figure (also called the parachute, eagle’s claw, or fishing spear). This string figure how-to video is demonstrated step by step from the user’s point of view to make it easier for you to see how to do it. This is one of the easier string figures to make.

There are two ways to make this figure. Both of the Witches Broom methods for making this are demonstrated here in this video. This is a cats cradle game or string games figure which also includes things like jacob’s ladder and cup and saucer.

Steps for the first witch’s broom:
1. Start with the string across palm and over thumb and pinky on your left hand only.
2. Pull down on palm string twice
3. Reach into large hole with right hand and pick up loops on thumb and pinky using your thumb and pinky with the other hand and pull them through. It helps if you touch your right pinky and thumb together before you pull them through.
4. slip your three middle fingers into the created slots and hang strings over the back
5. pull up on large palm loop with your right hand. You did it!

Steps for the second witches broom:
1. Start in the open position with string on both hands across palms, pinky and thumbs
2. Take your right hand and pick up opposite palm string and twist it twice
3. With your left hand, pick up opposite palm string inside the twisted strings
4. drop your pinky and thumb string on right hand and gently pull.

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