Tribute to Ari Fuld – by SIMCHA LEINER

Today we lost a hero. It took me a while to realize the magnitude of this loss. Ari Fuld was a hero in all senses of the word. Loving and living the Kedushas Eretz Yisroel. I knew some of his incredible work and being inspired by his talks helped instill in me that feeling of yearning to return home. May Hashem welcome him into Gan Eden with open arms and bring Nechama (comfort) to his entire family.
I don’t do this often but I had a little moment of inspiration to pen a quick tribute song. Please enjoy it and do a Mitzvah in his Zchus.

Camera I used to make my video!
Recording Equipment used to record the song!
Audio interface –
Microphone –
Headphones –
Computer –


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