The Reveal – Lipa Schmeltzer feat. Ari Lesser

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Just in time for Purim comes “The Reveal”, an all new music video that takes a giant leap forward in Jewish cinematography, turning back the clock to the golden age of cinema.
Starring Lipa Schmeltzer and Ari Lesser and featuring Zvika Bornstein as none other than Charlie Chaplin, The Reveal takes a look back in time at Purim of the past in order to drive home an important lesson.

“There is a famous Jewish law that if you read the Megilla backwards, you are did not fulfill the mitzvah of Megilla,” explained producer and director Danny Finkelman. “The Chasidic interpretation of that statement is that if you think the story of Purim is something that happened back in the day, then you have missed the whole point of Purim. Just like G-d’s name isn’t mentioned in the Megilla, but his presence can be felt throughout the story of Purim, so too, G-d continues to be with us today, every day of our lives.”

Featuring an original composition by Cecelia Margules and music by Ruli Ezrachi, The Reveal has a distinctly retro feel, enforcing the timelessness of Purim and all that it teaches us.

“Maybe we don’t feel G-d’s presence in our everyday lives or maybe we only feel that connection on Yom Kippur at Neilah, but it is there, every single day,” says Lipa.

A fun, feel good video that embodies the true spirit of Purim and emphasizes its eternal relevance, The Reveal is a Sparks Next production.

Produced and Directed –
Danny Finkelman

Song written by –
Cecelia Margules

Yiddish lyrics –
Lipa Schmeltzer

Rap –
Ari Lesser

Directors of photography –
Marco Vitale
Francesca Pagani

Music by –
Ruli Ezrachi

Production designer –
Mauricio Arenas

Edited by –
Danny Finkelman
Michael Puro

Choreography –
Zvika Bornstein

Executive Producer –
Cecelia Margules

Screenplay –
Michael Puro

Story consultants –
Shmuel Fischler
Zvika Bornstein

Line producer –
Jenny Bousquet

AD –
Samantha Santos

Art Director –
Mauricio Arenas

Creative producer –
Michael Puro

Costume design –
Angelique Pesce

Wardrobe assistant –
Tammy Gibbens

Makeup –
Kelley Coleman

Hair –
Rebecca Marshman

Party design –
Esti Pruss

Camera assistant –
Steven Tong

Production assistants –
Meir Kalmenson
Nicole Gonzalez
Tatiana Iglesias
Zalman Krause

Grip –
Mark Boucher

Driver –
Eduardo Toriani

Catering –

Shot at:
Lock family house
Court Square studios

Charlie Chaplin: Zvika Bornstein
Police Officer: Jon Shetrit
Kid: Noam Bornstein
Elisheva Lock
Ari Kurlander
Moshe Mendelevich
Rochi Kammen
Moshe Kammen
Menachem Kammen
Yaakov and Adina Erez
Jacob Verschleiser
Noam Verschleiser
Shabi Soffer
Abigail Merel-Tamir
Hadas Broner
Nadav Broner
Evyatar Hakakian
Max Silva
Mark Schor
Moshe Warsawsky
Meir Goldberg
Esther Lamm
Mendy Schlanger
Hymie Steinmetz
Rivky Muss
Shmulik Finkelman
Mendel Finkelman
Sarale Finkelman
Yehudah Linderblatt
Shuie Benjamin
Althea Wilson Berkowitz

Ohad Bornstein
Noam Bornstein
Akiva Rosenberg
Oriel Broner
Zack Brod
Yechiel Jacobs

Set photography:
Nicole Gonzalez

Press release –
Sandy Eller

Special Thanks:
Lock family
Tzvi Waldman
Vineet Verma

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