The 10 Days of JavaScript: Day 6 (Higher-Order Functions)

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Day 0: Intro
Day 1: Getting Started
Day 2: Functions
Day 3: Objects
Day 4: Arrays
Day 5: Making Decisions
Day 6: Higher-Order Functions
Day 7: Returning vs Mutating
Day 8: Scope & Context
Day 9: Misc. Must Know Info
Day 10: Web Browser Practice
Day 11: Node.js and the Server

I’m using document.write() as a quick and dirty way to see/test values instead of always using console.log(). Please do as I say and not as I do 🙂 Do not use document.write() for anything beyond this simple testing case and outside of CodePen I’d say never use it. In future lessons we will learn far superior ways of adding HTML content to the page from JavaScript. Also, in the real world we would never want to repeatedly update the page for each item like this, it’s much better to use JavaScript to create one big string of HTML content (could concatenate to a string variable from within a while loop or forEach or even use array.reduce()) in memory first and then only add it to the page all at once. However, that’s getting into efficiency and web browser performance which are not topics I wanted to address this early in the course 🙂

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