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Months since its release “Merakeid” continues to stay at the top of the charts remaining the best seller of the season.
Enjoy this music video to the soul stirring song “Ribono”. A song that is already resonating with thousands of fans worldwide.
Enduring freezing temperature – Simcha and his crew set out to find some of the most beautiful locations in the area to bring out the beauty of this emotionally powerful song.

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ריבונו של עולם אני מבקש ממך
בכל ליבי ובזה התפילה
שתנחה אותי בדרך ישרה
ותודיעני אורח התורה

שתדריכני באמיתך
וזכה לי ולבני ביתי
לעבוד אותך באהבה ויראה
אני מבקש ממך

Master of the world, I plead to You with all my heart in this prayer…
That You lead me to a righteous path and teach me the way of the Torah

That You guide me with Your truth and I and my household should merit to serve You with love and awe.
I plead to You…

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Special thanks to Yechiel Schron and Yeshiva Mekor Hatorah


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