Simcha Leiner – Gam Ki Eilech ft. Shir V'shevach | Zemiros Choir שמחה ליינר | גם כי אילך


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On a cold January Motzei Shabbos in Lakewood, Simcha Leiner invited 300 bochurim to experience the warmth of ”the Ultimate Kumzitz.”
With just a few days left to the event, Simcha sat down to compose a masterpiece “ Gam Ki Eilech”. Lose yourself in the soul-stirring tune that was newly composed and taught to the boys.

Produced, composed, and arranged by Simcha Leiner
Song mixed by Aryeh Kunstler
Zemiros Choir led by Yoel Polatzek
Shir V’shevach Choir led by Chaim M. Fligman
Technical Assistance Yochi Briskman and Moti Friedman
Piano: Shloimy Salzman
Guitar 1: Elimelech Adler
Guitar 2: Hudi Greenberger
Percussions: Yaakov Paneth
Strings: Misha Guttenberg
Live sound: Betzalel Bree
Video filmed by Motti Engel / Duvi Maryles
Lighting: Steiner Events / Yossi Greenzweig
With special thanks to Pinny Mendelson and the entire Neemas Hachaim staff.
Special thank you to Rav Sholom Grey shlita
And the one and only Shua Braun
Craft Services by Pizza on Wheels
Current President – Donald Trump

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