SIMCHA LEINER ft. 1001 Voices – Stand Up For Each Other – Official Music Video


Read the full story behind the song as written in the Ami Magazine, by Yossi Krausz. By visiting http://STANDUPFOREO.COM

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Simcha Leiner is proud to present “Life’s better when your with your brother” a song celebrating the power that each and everyone of us has to stand up to a bully. After reaching out to educators and Mechanchim around the world, Simcha embarked on the monumental task of crisscrossing the country recording over 1000 boys together to form a Chorus of Unity. Each of the children were given a chance to discuss how bullying can affect their friend.

A global anti-bullying initiative is currently being prepped for launch to further establish an ongoing awareness of the power of anti-bullying tactics. So as to have this project reach as many people as possible, a parallel production is in the works featuring girls only.

This project would not be possible without the encouragement and support of my dear friend R’ Shua Ray.
Thank you to R’ Yosef Knopf for always pushing these important projects.

Why do we push to be apart
Why don’t we be a apart of something—
Something that is so much stronger
Why are we silent in our pain
Why don’t we join to see a change
Something that will bring us closer

Life’s better when you’re with your brother
Let us all stand up for each other
Watch our struggles fade away, let’s create a brighter day…
Now’s the time to come together
We can bridge the gap forever
You and I must pave the way,
Make our world a better place

I know that you’re feeling so alone
But I’ll make your troubles be my own
Picking up those broken pieces
Building you up to find your strength
You can be confident again
See all of the good I’m seein’

Song composed and arranged by: Simcha Leiner
Lyrics by: Mrs. Ruchie Torgow and Simcha Leiner
Song Mixed and Mastered by: Chaim Gottesman
Production by: Yochi Briskman
Video concept by: Simcha Leiner and Kylie Yanay
Director of Photography: Basti Hansen and Duvie Maryles (Revive Multimedia)
Media by: The great! Chayale Kaufman (JCN)
Special thanks to Ami Magazine

Choni Teitelbaum – Young Rebbi
Avi Rosman – Young Student
Akiva Schechter – Middle Age Student
Rabbi Yitzchok Selmar – Current Rebbi

Thank you to the following schools for opening their doors to us and allowing us to include their precious students in the production.

Toronto Cheder – Rabbi Dov Gopin
JEC Elizabeth NJ – Rabbi Uzi Beer
Yeshiva of South Shore – Rabbi Zev Davidowitz
HALB – Rabbi Yehuda Fogel
Torah Academy of Boca Raton – Rabbi Reuven Feinberg
Talmudical Academy of Baltimore – Rabbi Yanky Lefkowitz
Arie Crowne HDS – Rabbi Menachem Kirschner
Yavneh Academy – Rabbi Moshe Dear
Maimonidies Hebrew Academy – Rabbi Aharon Wilk
Yeshivat Ohr Haemet – Rabbi Zvi Kamenetzky

Id like to thank Rabbis Baruch Levine and Shai Markowitz for helping me guide this project to its completion!

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