[OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO] Shmueli Ungar – Yiten Lecha – שמילי אונגר – יתן לך

Ask someone what their favorite songs from Shmuel Ungar’s debut album are and you might get different answers. Yishoma, Emes, Ma Yisron, but one song that everyone agrees together on, a favorite from every flavor of Jewish music fan, it was Yiten Lecha. This sweet lullaby melody, composed by Yossi Honig fills you with warmth and invites you to be blessed, again and again!

The video shows how Hashem gives us blessings in many different ways, even while we put the work in, the land, the learning, the giving, everything we do, Hashem gives us blessings, and we work hard to keep those blessings flowing with our own forms of Avodas Hashem.

Yiten Lecha – Shmueli Ungar
Producer – Naftali Schnitzler
Composed by Yossi Honig

Directed by Menachem Weinstein
Produced by Munch Media
PR/Marketing by Sruly Meyer
Director of Photography Daron Keet

Poor Farmer: Sroli Raksin
Farmers: Yotam Lerman, Levi Weiss
Chavrusa Zalmy Raksin
BBQ Kumzits Guys: Meir and Shimmy Spira

Special thanks to Moshe Storch and Crew, Y. Ungar, Mendy Pellin and Mendel Katz

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