Micha Gamerman – Shom Timtzoeihu! A Cappella Music Video (Official Music Video)

Micha Gamerman again surprises with this amazing A Cappella Video. Shom Timtzoeihu! from his third album “A Child of Hashem”. Song teaches us that those who do not see the the Creator everywhere do not see him anywhere.


Song composed by: Elie Schwab
Written by: Micha Gamerman based on the teachings of the Kotzker Rebbe
Original arrangement: Eli Klein & Yitzy Berry
Backing Vocals: Elie Schwab
Acapella arrangement and production by: Mordy Weinstein & Craig Resmovits for MaxMord Productions
Child Soloists: Shimon & Yisrael Schwab
Edited and Mixed by: James Cannon
Child on video: Aviv Nachum
P.R: Yossi Zweig


וכי ישאלך בנך: “היכן מצוי הבורא? איני רואהו!” מיד ענהו: “בכל מקום שנותנים לו להיכנס, שם שם תמצאהו!״
מי שאינו רואה את המקום בכל מקום אינו רואהו בשום מקום


And if your son asks you: ״Where is the Creator? I can not see him!” Immediately answer him: “Wherever you allowed him enter, there you will find him”
Those who do not see the Creator everywhere do not see him anywhere.

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