Lipa Schmeltzer "Believe in a Miracle" Music Video

Once again, producer Danny Finkelman has teamed up with superstar Lipa Schmeltzer for a feel-good Chanukah video that captures the overwhelming joy and wonder of this most special of holidays.
Together with composer and executive producer Cecelia Margules, the trio presents Believe In A Miracle, an enthusiastic anthem to the Festival of Lights, as well as an exuberant reminder that even during difficult times, miracles are all around us on a daily basis.

“Like so many others, all three of us were adversely affected by Hurricane Sandy, and our brothers in Israel have also been living under very trying circumstances,” said Finkelman. “Yet despite the very serious difficulties that Jews worldwide have been facing in recent weeks, we found ourselves surrounded by miracles both large and small”

“As we celebrate Chanukah we want everyone to bask not only in the glow of the Chanukah candles but also in the knowledge that our mission here is to turn the darkness into light, and that is the biggest miracle of them all” added Ms. Margules.

A dazzling show of lights, combined with dancing and music that captures the magic of Chanukah, Believe In A Miracle also carries a timely message about strong family values as well as the importance of sharing the light of Judaism with everyone around us. Produced by Finkelman and Mauricio Arenas, and music by Ruli Ezrachi ‘Believe In A Miracle’ features cameo appearances by Yossi Piamenta, Yanky Katina and Choni Goldman.

Directed by: Danny Finkelman
במאי: דני פינקלמן

Executive Producer: Cecelia Margules
מפיקה בפועל: ססליה מרגוליס

Produced by: Danny Finkelman and Mauricio Arenas
מפיקים: דני פינקלמן ומאוריציו אראנס

Musical production by: Ruli Ezrachi
הפקה מוסיקלית: רולי אזרחי

Director of photography: Sean Sinderbrand
צלם ראשי: שון סינדרברנד

Choreography: Zvika Bornstein
כוריאוגרפיה: צביקה בורנשטיין

Production designer: Mauricio Arenas
מעצב הפקה: מאוריציו אראנס

Edited by: Michael Puro
עריכה: מייקל פיורו

Rolling Credits:

Associate producer: Tzippy Finkelman
מפיקה: ציפי פינקלמן

Assistant Director: Tzvi Waldman
עוזר במאי: צבי וולדמן

Camera assistant: Eric Bejarano
עוזר צלם: אריק בז’ארנו

2nd Camera assistant: Jon

Production assistant: Ron Aharon
עוזר הפקה: רון אהרון

Additional footage: Cristobal Rey
צילום נוסף: קריסטובל ריי

Song composed by: Cecelia Margules
לחן: ססליה מרגוליס

Lyrics by Danny Finkelman and Lipa
מילים: דני פינקלמן וליפא

Boys choir: Shira Chadasha boys choir
מקהלת ילדים: שירה חדשה

Choir conducted by: Nachman Seltzer
מנצח המקהלה: נחמן סלצר

Lipa recorded by Ruli Ezrachi
ליפא הוקלט ע”י רולי אזרחי

Guitar by Nachman Drier
גיטרות: נחמן דרייער

Party design by: Debby Design
עיצוב מסיבה: דבי ג’רופי

Catering by Yanky Klein “Gourmet Butcher”
קייטרינג: יענקי קליין – גורמיי בוטשר

Makeup by Esti Pruss
איפור: אסתי פרוס

Hall by Levy’s catering
אולם: לוי פייגינסון

Special cameo appearance by
Yossi Piamenta
בתפקיד אורח: יוסי פיאמנטה


Aharon Hershkop
Moishe Hershkop
Choni Goldman
Yanky Klein
Edimy Michel
Esti Pruss
Mendy Pruss
Moshe Mendelevitch
Ari Kurlander
Rochi Kamman
Moshe Kamman
Menachem Kammen
Moishy Horenstein
Yaanky Katina
Eli Levy
Ron Aharon
Meitari Jerufi
Ari Jerufi
Tzippy Finkelman
Shmulik Finkelman
Saral’e Finkelman
Mendel Finkelman
Shabi Soffer
Mica Soffer
Cecelia Margules
Rosenblum family
Ruli Ezrachi
Dovid Stein
Dr. Jeffery Weber
Gedalia and Gladis Kohler
Gittel and moshe susskind
Feigy and Menachem Rosenblum
Yitzik Shalita
Shea Kish
Mendy Taub

Doll by Carolina Andrea Deb Parra
עיצוב בובה: קארולינה אנדריאה דבפארה

Special Thanks to

R’ Menachem and Feige Rosenblum
Yanky Klein, Gourmet Butcher
Dvori and Chaim Jerufi
Esty Pruss
Levi Hillel
Rabbi Gavriel Avichzar
Mendy Chen
Moshe Okunov
Mike Mandel
Nachman Seltzer

Set photography by Edimy Michel
צילום: אדימי מישל

Press release by Sandy Eller
כתיבה: סנדי אלר

Produced by: Sparks Next
הפקה: ספראקס נקסט

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