How to make a Star with string, step by step, cats cradle

Easy step by step instructions for making a star shape using string, shown from the user’s point of view.

This is an easy string figure to make. It is actually only a few more steps after making the basic Cup and Saucer string figure. When you begin, you will need to use a shorter string than used for most other string figures – one way to do this is to just double up my string.

Step 1. Begin with string across both palms, pinky and thumbs
2. pick up the palm string on the opposite hands with your pointer finger
3. Using your thumbs, go over the first two strings and pick up the third
4. Move the first string over your thumbs
5. Drop the pinky fingers. At this point you should have Cup and Saucer
6. Take your pinky fingers and pick up the top string from the center circle on the last set of strings. It’s the “saucer” part of cup and saucer.
7. Drop the thumbs
8. Go over the first two with your thumbs and pick up the third
9. Drop one of your pinky fingers. You have made the star!


סרטונים נוספים