How to do Crows Feet, Step by Step, with string

Step by step instructions for how to do Crows Feet string figure. Shown from the user’s point of view! Detailed directions demonstrated very slowly, step by step. This is also called “walk the dogs”, although I have no idea why, since it doesn’t look like that to me at all.

There are instructions are available as a printable page for more string games and how to do Cup and Saucer and Jacobs ladder at

This is a great activity for a long car trip. See this and other car trip games at Enjoy!

Easy instructions from the user’s point of view for how to make Crows Feet string figure. Here are the steps for Crows Feet:

1.Start in the Open position across both palms, pick up the strings on each opposite palm
2. turn your palms to face you
3. put the front string around the back of your hands
4. transfer the string on your pointers onto your thumbs
5. transfer the string on the back of your hands onto your middle finger
6. pinkys should go over one string and pick up the next one
7. lift the string on the back of the pinky over your pinky
8. drop the thumbs
9. You have crows feet!

Recorded on November 9, 2012 using a Flip Video camera.


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