How to do Cat Whiskers, with string, step by step Kitty Whiskers

Step by step instructions for how to do “Cat Whiskers” string figure, shown from the user’s point of view POV, shown very slowly. (also called Kitty Whiskers). My adorable cat Rocky is helping demonstrate how real these whiskers are! This is a cats cradle string figure. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Make the standard Open position (lay string across palms, pick up opposite palm strings with pointer finger
Step 2. Drop thumb strings
Step 3. Reach under with thumbs and pick up last string
Step 4. Thumbs go over the first string and pick up the second one
Step 5. Drop pinky strings
Step 6. With pinkies, reach over the last string and pick up the next string
Step 7. Drop thumb strings. You have made cat whiskers!

More instructions on How to Make Cats Whiskers —

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