Benny Friedman – Reb Yehoshua Omer – בני פרידמן – ר׳ יהושע אומר

One of the measures of true greatness is a person’s ability to inspire others to reach for THEIR OWN greatness.

My uncle Rabbi Joshua Gordon, of blessed memory, was a great rabbi and a great teacher. And he inspired me to be a singer. Instead of encouraging me to be like him, he encouraged me to be like me. And he encouraged you to be like you. He wanted us to be the best and finest we could possibly be. He exhorted us To reach for greatness.

Mr. Daniel Aharonoff is yet another person deeply and richly inspired by Rabbi Gordon. Daniel has already brought Rabbi Gordon’s message to millions of people by being the catalyst and powerhouse behind Rabbi Gordon’s 1000’s of Torah classes on And now he’s reaching further.

Thanks to Daniels enthusiasm and BIG thinking – the hallmark of a disciple of Rabbi Gordon – we were able to produce this special tribute.

I present to you the music video of a song dedicated to my uncle Josh, with the words and the message that he lived by and encouraged others to live by. The keys to life: energetic work and tremendous faith and trust in Hashem.

Rabbi Gordon was told these words by the Lubavitcher Rebbe. Rabbi Gordon took these words to heart and transformed his life with them. Let us do the same.

“Hustle Yossel, move a muscle!”

May we all be an honor to his blessed memory. Lchaim!

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Video produced and directed by Avram Zamist
Filmed and edited by Shimmy Socol
Song composed by Boruch Sholom Bleslovsky
Lyrics by Shmuel Marcus
Arranged by Eli Klein and Yitzy Berry
Produced by Sruly Meyer

The album Fill The World With Light is available on iTunes,,, Spotify and Apple Music.

הוא אבינו
אונזער טאטע וועט העלפון זיכער

הוא מלכנו
אונזער קעניג איז גרעסער פון וועלט

דער באשעפער וועט העלפון זיכער

מושיענו, יושיענו
דער באשעפער פירט דאך די וועלט

מתוך מרץ וביטחון חזק
ר׳ יהושע אומר

מתוך מרץ וביטחון חזק
ישועות פועל

Hustle, you’ve got to hustle, Yossel
Hustle Yossel, move a muscle!
!ויבשר טוב


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