Benny Baderech: Chapter One – The Holy Land!

All aboard! Folks, since the day I started traveling for music work and visiting Jewish communities around the world, it’s been my dream to share the wonder of it all with you. Worldwide Yiddishkeit is a marvelous blend of languages, cultures, cuisines and incredible, delightful people.

The experience continues to be a privilege and honor – and such a pleasure! Hence, a brand new project: Benny Baderech, our very own video travel blog (try saying that 10 times fast). With the limited space in my luggage, I can’t take you all with me, so instead, I invite you to join the fun and the marvel by enjoying the videos.

Take in the sights, the sounds, the amazing people we’ll meet along the way, the grand diversity of holy Yidden across the spectrum who are firing on all cylinders in the work of filling the world with light.

Chapter One: The Holy Land! There’s no better place to launch any project, especially one about Jews around the globe. Welcome to Israel!

Video Produced by Avram Zamist
Video by: Shimmy Socol

Featuring music from the new album:
Fill The World With Light
Album Produced by Sruly Meyer

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